How To Know When You Repave With Asphalt Laying Services In Sydney?

January 5, 2019
Asphalt Driveway Construction

Whether or not to repair or repave asphalt surface is a frequent question which comes up. There are a few key indicators that can clue you in that it may be time to either repair or repave your asphalt surface through asphalt laying services in Sydney as the answers vary from place to place.

Common asphalt failures

It is important to keep your asphalt surfaces, whether it is a parking lot, driveway or road, safe and maintained for your customers as a business owner or property manager.

It may exhibit various types of failures which indicate that it may be time to resurface or repair through asphalt laying in Sydney as overtime asphalt surfaces begin to show signs of wear and tear. It includes few things to keep an eye out for:

  1. Cracking can appear in several different ways as it is a common indicator of asphalt failure. Alligator cracking is for asphalt which suffers many cracks in a concentrated area, block cracking may also occur as cracks in blocks. To indicate an asphalt failure cracks may appear along the edges of roads or parking lots.
  2. Potholes can damage you and your customer’s car causing an annoyance. So you can readily go for their repairs through the efficient asphalt laying services in Sydney. Potholes, in turn, allow asphalt to break away and form holes as they are caused by severe cracking.
  3. When elements below the surface of your asphalt such as tree roots, causes the base to rise, upheaval occurs.

Whether go for repair or repave?

It is always the best to assess each and every case before determining if their asphalt surface needs resurfacing or a simple repair. The severity of the situation and the cause of the failure is on which the answer can vary based on the type of asphalt.

The solution should be customized based on the needs of our customers and their budgets as each asphalt repair case is situational. To allow the customers to address and solve their problems, whether the solution is resurfacing or repair, the residential asphalt laying services in Sydney works to create options for people.

What about Sealcoating?

It can be used to solve problems that have already occurred is what a common misconception about seal coating is. Sealcoating is rather a preventative measure that can help extend your pavement’s life at it is not a retroactive solution.

Sealcoating can provide a facelift for your parking lot even after paving as it will not solve any cracks, potholes or upheaving which you may be facing on an asphalt surface while seal coating does not have to be done immediately upon paving.

For providing protection, preventing water penetration and oxidation and performing the best early in the lifecycle of a parking lot or other asphalt surface, seal coating is great.

Where to start?

For the past years for so many reasons which include like its higher level of skid resistance and versatility that have all been proven to contribute to the safety of our roads as the paving contractors have favored the use of asphalt.

It will remain the material of choice of many paving contractors for years to come with the continuing improvements in asphalt paving for the asphalt driveways. It can be a very labor-intensive job for asphalt paving installation. If there are no specific steps followed along with the preparation phase not properly completed, it can also be complicated.

It will not be durable and smooth if the area is not completely ready and you attempt to lay the asphalt. With many years of experience doing this job and has referenced to prove it, most of the homeowners will hire a professional asphalt paving company.

When asphalt is used for paving, noise both on the inside and outside of the vehicle can be greatly reduced. Among all the traditional road surfaces asphalt roads have been proven to have the lowest noise level and this is the fact. The noise level is reduced much further with the more recent development of porous asphalt.

Considering asphalt driveways in Sydney

All asphalt pretty much looks the same which is a hard, black substance made out of tiny rocks which are glued together with tar and this is what a layman knows. The care and the maintenance which is required for your asphalt driveways changes according to seasons.

And this is the reason why you need to choose the best asphalt contractors driveway services to make up for all seasons. Asphalt too differs in terms of the season as there are such things as “summer asphalt” and “winter asphalt”.

You need to take in concern various things when you are planning a paving project for your driveway. Without actually looking for references for the contractors, a lot of people find it very tempting to just go for the cheapest quotes which they can find from asphalt contractors & driveway services.

This is the main factor behind hiring someone who is an expert in this niche and who is an expert in paving. Without having to redo it every few years as you want your driveways to last at least 25 years.

When it comes to the summer asphalt, it is usually referred to as “hot asphalt” and is generally available from April through December. A more amount is mixed which is around 275-325 degrees Fahrenheit as this type of asphalt is used by asphalt contractors’ driveway services to pave larger areas like the parking lots, roads, long driveways and more.

It is important that the hot asphalt stays at this temperature and is applied quickly after it is mixed during the summer time. It can be reheated by a fuel heating system and this type of asphalt can only be applied on grounds which are warm and dry and making it the ideal asphalt for summer if it cools.

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