Know All Facts On Asphalt Pavement Repair This Winter

January 5, 2019
Asphalt Driveway Construction

During the installation and planning to ensure that it lasts, asphalt is an extremely durable and an efficient choice for your driveway or pavement and there are few things which need to be considered.

The time of the year which you choose for your paving installation can also play a huge role in the final product and how it will wear with appropriate depth, drainage, quality product, and efficient configuration when it comes to asphalt pavement repair.

If appropriate measures for those are taken and field of experience does confirm that paving can be done under adverse weather conditions, paving can be successful in varying conditions.

Recognising that paving practices which are successful in the warm summer months will not produce the same quality results in October through April is what the key to success would be. The best temperature for successful asphalt paving is around 70-degree F ideally.

When it comes to the hot mix asphalt it is manufactured 270-degrees F and 325 degrees F and can lose anywhere from 5-25 degrees during travel time to the site and it depends on many factors.

Is your lot ready for winter with fall asphalt repair?

To allow for appropriate preparation for winter and ensuring protection of your asphalt, fall asphalt repair in Sydney and maintenance is very important.

It is important to inspect your parking lot and make necessary asphalt repairs like crack filling, pothole patching, and seal coating, line striping before winter arrives.

1. Crack Filling

  1. You will need to make sure that all the cracks in your lot are filled as part of your fall asphalt pavement repair.
  2. For crack filling services, fall is actually the best time of the year.
  3. You are not only sealing the crack but you are allowing for flexibility and movement by using hot rubberized crack filler. Its ability to move is extremely important in winter due to expanding and contracting which is caused by the freeze-thaw cycle since rubber is flexible.
  4. To avoid water penetration to the base which could be detrimental to your asphalt structure, filling cracks in asphalt helps in this. As snow accumulates throughout winter means increased moisture exposure as it is very important that it is completed before winter.
  5. Before applying asphalt sealer, the crack filling should be completed.
  6. By putting together yearly maintenance schedule for your parking lot help to avoid asphalt cracking.

2. Pothole repair methods

  1. For the same reason as crack filling, patching pothole repair methods in the fall should be applied too.
  2. For several reasons, it is very common for the potholes to form in winter. It is a recipe for disaster and is significantly increasing the amount of asphalt repair which will be required after winter while going into winter with existing potholes.
  3. Pavement can be deteriorated completely when a pothole is left untreated.
  4. Saw cut & patch, milling & patching, and infra-red patching are the basic pothole patching methods.
  5. During the winter to get you through to the spring season there are also some temporary pavement repair methods which need to be completed.

The potential damage of asphalt driveways in Sydney during winter –

  1. Salt & Deicers – They can contribute to making potholes and other asphalt issues worse by keeping water in liquid form at lower temperatures while the deicers do not technically deteriorate your asphalt on their own. At varying temperatures, this allows for the freeze-thaw cycle to occur.
  2. Snow Removal – It can cause damages by any scraping against your pavement with heavy machinery. On curbing and uneven areas of the surface, most damages associated with snow removal will occur.
  3. Water – In winter, there is more of it as water is one of the most damaging elements to asphalt. Your asphalt is more vulnerable to damages.

Following winter, it is pretty much guaranteed that your parking lot will need asphalt repair. On the basis of the state of the pavement going into winter, the amount of repair which is required will vary. The damage over winter will be much worse than a properly prepared lot if asphalt repair is ignored.

In regions which experiences moderate to severe winters, asphalt repair is pretty routine maintenance in practice. The dangers and annoyances caused for traffic and properties are what potholes are for.

When objects get cold or freezes, they expand and contract as the basic science dictates. Pavement contraction often forms cracks during the winter months. These cracks can cause much larger issues in the future like potholes as they start small hairline flaws.

The following are the reasons for how potholes are formed:

  1. Over the time the cracks naturally get deeper.
  2. Temperatures fluctuate from freezing to above freezing during the winter.
  3. When temperatures reach above the freezing the ice which forms within the pavement cracks melts and turns to water at the surface level during the day. The deeper part of the pavement remains frozen.
  4. When the temperature drops again at night the surface water sitting within the pavement crack freezes. It expands lifting the pavement creating a bump when it refreezes.
  5. The ice under the pavement bump melts but the bump created in the pavement remains the next day when the temperature increases again.
  6. The pavement gets crushed creating a hole when car then drives over the hollow bump.
  7. Creating a larger hole each time, this process will continue over and over. In the following winter months, this is the reason why large potholes are seen nearly everywhere.

Maintenance and repairs are often inevitable as the harshness of winter is unavoidable. There is a couple of asphalt pothole repair methods which works the best if your pavement is left with numerous potholes the following winter.

  1. Hot asphalt patching
  2. Saw-cut patch
  3. Milling

You are ensuring that you get the most out of your pavement investment by being proactive and diligent about pavement maintenance and repair.

There are pavement services out there who are professionals for all asphalt maintenance and practices like the asphalt pothole repairs and with years of experience, they deliver the best!

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