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What are the Types of asphalt mix?

Get To Know the Types of Asphalt Mix and What Is Right for Your Project

The raw materials originate from our excavations or from recycled materials that we have personally reclaimed, sorted, and processed.

Total Mix Control:

Because we are aware of every component that goes into our mix, we are able to guarantee that it will provide the desired results.

The Appropriate Asphalt Mix

The temperature of the asphalt when it is being set down is the most important factor to consider when mixing asphalt, despite the fact that we provide a wide variety of custom blends with varying thicknesses, granularities, and stress tolerances.

HMA: Hot Mix Asphalt.

HMA variety of asphalt is considered to be the "standard." The binding substance and the aggregate materials are heated to temperatures ranging from 280 to 325 degrees Fahrenheit before being placed down while they are still very hot. In most cases, HMA can only be laid down during the summer months, as the ground can get too cold during the winter months and prevent its installation.

WMA: Warm Mix Asphalt

WMA mixes are a more recent development that offers a middle ground between hot and cold varieties. They can be laid in cooler temperatures, transported further, and still set correctly, all while using a significantly lower amount of petroleum ingredients than hot mix. Less dust, smoke, and fumes are produced when this asphalt is put in. This asphalt is better for the health of workers and the environment. WMA is produced at temperatures ranging from 176 to 121 degrees Celsius (200 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit).

CMA: Cold Mix Asphalt.

CMA asphalt is a mixture of oils and additives, which keeps the mix and lays down at colder temperatures. Although improvements are being made to CMA mixing procedures, the end product is typically not as robust as that of hot-mixed asphalt. CMA is typically utilized for patchwork, potholes, or for surfaces that receive a lower volume of foot traffic.


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